Highs And Lows: Understanding Humidity In The Home

In regards to home maintenance, you may focus on landscaping, cleaning the interior, and washing your siding and outdoor surfaces. While necessary, other tasks are important for keeping your home functional and safe. Humidity inside the home is most likely something you do not focus on. However, imbalances in humidity can damage your home and affect your health all while being a sign that there is an underlying issue with your heating and cooling system.

Changing Your Air Filter After A Dust Storm Is A Wise Choice

Dust storms in a desert are a common problem that can cause a variety of different damage types to your home. The worst type may be the issues it causes with your air filter. Thankfully, you can manage this issue by properly changing your air filter and getting sand and other contaminants out of it as much as possible. Sand In An HVAC System Is A Problem During a dust or sand storm, your HVAC system is going to be battered by a lot of dirty air.

The Importance Of Keeping Your Air Conditioning In Working Order

Air conditioning is more than just a luxury. For many people, it is a necessity that they simply cannot do without. To help you understand why it is so important for your air conditioning to always stay in the best working order, you will want to keep reading. It Keeps You Healthy in Extreme Heat In some regions of the country, it can become dangerously hot during the summer months. Many people find themselves suffering from heat strokes because of the excessive heat.

Two Reasons Why You Should Make HVAC Maintenance A Priority

Your heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system stands up to a lot throughout the year. You put it through the paces in the winter by blasting the heat and never fail to crank up the cooling unit when it's hot outside.  It's one of the most essential systems in your entire house but it might also be one of the most neglected. If you forget to put in the time that it takes to keep your HVAC system working properly it could result in some serious repercussions.

Can You Use A Permanent Backup Generator To Run Your Gas Or Oil Furnace?

Staying warm during a winter storm is difficult enough while the power is on. With even a short power outage, your home can become dangerously cold and hard to keep heated safely with non-electric space heaters alone. The small portable gas and diesel generators often marketed for emergency use aren't usually powerful enough to power a system like a central heating furnace, but the large permanently installed systems available to homeowners are a different story.