Does Your Furnace Have A Broken Blower Belt?

Furnaces are complex machines. Each furnace has a unit called a blower, which is responsible for blowing the heated air through your home's ducts. This blower has a part called the blower belt, and that belt can break sometimes. Keep reading to learn the signs of a broken blower belt and what you should do about this problem.

Signs of a Broken Blower Belt

Usually, when a blower belt deteriorates, it does so slowly. It may start to fray or become unraveled. It may only actually break or tear a few weeks or months after the damage first appears. As such, the signs of a broken blower belt are often quite subtle at first. You may notice a quiet squeaking or squealing as the furnace operates. As time goes on, this will get louder and louder.

Another sign of a broken blower belt is an odor or burning rubber. What you're smelling is tiny pieces of the belt being burned by the furnace after falling off the belt itself. This smell may come and go.

What to Do About a Broken Blower Belt

If you think you have a broken blower belt, call an HVAC technician. If your furnace is still working, it is generally safe to keep using it until the HVAC technician arrives. Just keep in mind that if the belt snaps before your repair appointment, your furnace will stop blowing air.

An HVAC technician can remove the old, damaged blower belt and replace it with a new one. This repair will generally take an hour or two since there are a lot of screws and bolts that the contractor needs to undo. However, it is not a complicated repair; most HVAC contractors have replaced plenty of blower belts.

The cost of a blower belt repair will depend on the type of furnace you have. You may be able to save some money by asking your contractor to use an OEM part rather than a brand-name part. If your furnace is relatively new, this repair may be covered under warranty. But usually, with a warranty, you still have to pay for labor.

If your furnace is making a squeaking noise or smells like burning rubber, you probably have a broken blower belt. Call an HVAC repair contractor ASAP. Ideally, you want them to come and replace the blower belt before it completely breaks and leaves you without heat.