Does Your Air Conditioning Need Servicing?

When you're home isn't cool, it's not comfortable to be in. It also means there's something wrong with your air conditioner. The sooner you call your residential air conditioning servicing technician, the sooner you can get your home back to being nice and cool again.

It can be hard to realize just when your air conditioning unit is failing, but once you can see the signs, you can get repairs. Here are signs your air conditioning needs some servicing. Never do your air conditioning servicing on your own. You risk getting shocked or otherwise injured that way, and you can also ruin your air conditioning unit. It's safer and more cost-effective to hire a residential air conditioning repair specialist to do the work for you.

Here are signs your air conditioning needs servicing.

The unit keeps frosting over

Does your air conditioning unit keep frosting over? If so, it could have issues with the fan, the filters, or a variety of other issues. Anytime your air conditioning frosts over, you should turn the unit off and let the ice melt (you can use a blow dryer or other heat source to help melt the unit down), but if this doesn't work or if the unit keeps frosting over, have your residential air conditioning servicing technician take a look at your AC.

Your unit is making loud noises

Does your unit make loud noises when you have the AC on?  Your air conditioning unit may not make noise when you have it on fan only, but be very loud when you have it on low or high cool settings. This can be a sign of something wrong with the cooling features of your AC unit, even if your air conditioner is still cooling your home. Call a specialist to diagnose what is wrong with your air conditioner and make repairs before your air conditioner fails entirely.

Your unit is blowing warm or hot air

Your air conditioner should not blow warm or hot air when it's on. Even on a regular fan setting, the air conditioning unit should blow comfortable air. Hot or warm air production, especially if the unit is also warm or hot to the touch, is a sign that there is severe mechanical failure going on with your air conditioner that needs to be addressed right away. Your air conditioning specialist will look at all components of your AC unit before moving forward with any repairs.

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