Signs You Need To Replace Your Well Pumps

Residential well pumps are essential for those who rely on well water. Without these machines, you'll no longer have water in your home. You need to know when your residential water well pumps aren't working well. Here are some signs of a failing well pump. 

Low Water Pressure in the House

If your water pressure has reduced dramatically, it could be a sign of pump failure or other problems. You can confirm what's causing the problem by checking how many faucets are affected. If it's one faucet, there is a likelihood you are dealing with a clog. If you notice the problem is in the whole house, high chances are your well pump is faulty. But before you order a new well pump, ask a plumber to check it out.

You Have No Water

Unless your well has run dry, you should have water at all times. So, if you have no water coming out from the faucets, you need to check the pressure tank and circuit breaker. If they are fine, check for any plumbing failure that could cause the issue. Assuming that everything checks out, you need to have a plumber check the well pump. It could require repairs or a replacement.

Faucets Spitting Air

As long as your plumbing system is fine, water should flow consistently from your faucets. Unfortunately, faulty water well pumps can cause your faucets to spit air instead of water. You'll notice a lot of bubbles and very little water coming from the faucets. This problem happens when the pump cannot pull water up and pulls in air instead. You need to check whether the well is running dry or if there is a crack in the pipe that links your home to the pump. 

The Pump Is Constantly Running

Well pumps aren't designed to run throughout. The pump's pressure tank and switch should keep water flowing without the pump necessarily running. Unless there is a leakage in the pipes or the water table is too low, your pumps shouldn't run throughout the day. Sometimes the problem can happen due to a faulty pump or a leak in the pressure tank bladder. Unless you are okay with paying high power bills, have the problem checked immediately. 

Dirty Water

Well water may have a metallic smell or taste. However, if the taste and smell are accompanied by sand, dirt, or sediment, something is definitely off. It could be that the pump is too large and powerful for your well. Alternatively, it could be that the pump's filter screen is damaged. 

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