Common Repairs Performed On Boiler Heaters

Boiler heaters are known for being long-lasting and durable. A good boiler can last for decades, and it can continue to perform efficiently over its entire lifespan. However, even well-made boilers will sometimes require repairs. Here are some of the most common repairs you can expect to encounter when you own a boiler.

Valve Replacement

Boilers have several valves. They have a valve that regulates the amount of water flowing into the tank. There is another valve that regulates the flow of water out to the radiators, and a third valve on the bottom that you can use to drain the tank. Over time, these valves may sometimes become corroded and worn. They may either start leaking or become really hard to turn. In either case, a heating repair specialist can easily replace the damaged valve on the boiler. It's best to have this done before you experience any major leaks. If there's a drop or two of water on the floor around your boiler, you probably have a leaky valve that needs to be replaced soon.

Circulator Pump Replacement

Boilers have a part called a circulator pump. This pump serves to propel the heated water out of the boiler tank and into the pipes that lead to your radiators. If the circulator pump breaks, your boiler will get hot but your radiators won't heat up. Sometimes, the pump may simply be underpowered. When this happens, the radiators closest to the boiler may get warm but the others won't. A heating repair specialist can remove and replace the circulator pump. It's a pretty straightforward job that only requires a few hours of labor.

Heating Element Replacement

If you have an electric boiler, it will have at least two heating elements inside of the tank. If one of them stops heating, then the water inside your boiler will get warm but not as hot as it should. Your home may stay somewhat warm, but it probably won't reach the temperature setting on your thermostat. Luckily, a heating repair professional can remove and replace the non-functional heating element. They may recommend replacing the element that still works at the same time, just as a preventative in case it dies soon, too.

Boilers are tough, but they may still break sometimes. If yours is not working correctly, don't hesitate to contact a heating repair company. They can assess the problem and make one or more of the repairs above.