Residential Heating System Repairs That Are Needed When Updating Your AC This Summer

As the summer weather gets hotter, your AC needs to be working efficiently. You may be planning on upgrading it, but you also want to make sure the issues with your heating system are also taken care of. The following residential heating system repairs are things you should take care of this summer:

Replacing Failing Furnace Parts

There may be furnace parts that have failed after a long winter of keeping your home warm. The problem is that some of these parts can also affect the operation of a new AC system. Therefore, you want to make sure that any worn or failing furnace parts are replaced before doing air conditioning upgrades. You especially want to check the electrical wiring and circuit boards of your furnace to ensure all the controls are working properly.

Repairing Damaged HVAC Dampers

In modern central HVAC systems, dampers are used to control the flow of air through ducts. These dampers can be damaged by debris and wear. When your system needs to adjust airflow when switching from heating to cooling, malfunctioning dampers can cause the system to not cool properly. Therefore, the worn or damaged dampers may need to be repaired or replaced when doing upgrades to your AC for the summer.

Replacing Damaged Ductwork

In addition to the dampers, there may be other issues with damaged ducts after turning your heating off. Now that you are planning on upgrading your AC, there are a couple of options to deal with these problems. The simple solution for minor damage is to have it repaired when doing other repairs to your heating system. If there is extensive damage, talk to the repair service about replacing all the ductwork with more efficient materials and design.

Upgrades for Failing Thermostats and Controls

While you are replacing ducts and other HVAC equipment, you may also want to upgrade the old thermostat. Today, smart thermostats will give you a more efficient solution to control your home's heating and cooling. You may also need to update your furnace's control panel and wiring when you are installing the new controls. You may want to consider these upgrades if your heating thermostat already needs to be replaced.

The problems with your heating system can often affect the upgrades you are planning for your AC. Contact a residential heating system repair service for help dealing with these issues before you upgrade your air conditioning.