Heating System Improvements To Reduce Energy Costs Before The End Of Winter

If you are tired of high winter energy bills, it is time to do something about the problem. With the right improvements for your heating system, you will be able to reduce costs before spring. You may want to consider improvements like upgrading the thermostat, blower, and ductwork. The following heating system improvements will reduce your energy costs before the end of winter:

Thermostat Upgrades to Reduce Heating Costs

Upgrades to thermostats can be a great investment to improve the efficiency of your heating. Some of the thermostat upgrades that be done for your heating include:

  • Zoned HVAC with multiple controls
  • Programmable thermostats
  • Smart thermostat with remote access

These are some of the thermostat upgrades that can be done to improve the efficiency of your heating. Smart thermostat controls will give you many advantages with the ability to control your heating remotely.

Upgrades for Furnace Blower Fans

The blower motor is one of the areas of your furnace that uses an excessive amount of energy. The problem is that older blower fans work at one speed. This can be a problem when the heating system does not need airflow. Therefore, you may want to consider installing a variable-speed blower motor. These variable-speed motors adjust to the airflow needs of your heating. This helps to make the heating system more energy efficient.

Tuning Up Your Furnace to Improve Efficiency

Another improvement that can be done to improve the efficiency of your furnace is a tune-up. The tune-up is a thorough servicing of your HVAC system, which will include:

  • Cleaning the furnace burner
  • Replacing filters and cleaning vents
  • Calibrating the thermostat with the furnace
  • Inspecting for problems that need to be repaired

This is the work that will be done when you have your heating tuned up. The tune-up will maximize the efficiency of your heating for the remainder of the winter months.

Upgrades to Ductwork to Reduce Energy Loss

There are also upgrades to ductwork that can make your system more efficient. One of the improvements to consider is upgrading duct insulation. In addition, automated dampers can also improve the efficiency of your heating with a zoned design. You may also want to shorten ducts that are too long. These longer ducts give more of an opportunity for energy loss, and shorter runs reduce this problem.

These heating system improvements will help you reduce your energy costs before winter is over. Call a heating service and ask about these improvements to cut your winter heating costs.