3 Problems You Might Have With A Heat Pump That Keeps The Pump From Heating Your Home

If your heat pump isn't keeping your house warm, the first thing you should do is check the filter. If the filter is clogged, airflow to your unit might be blocked, and that can cause all kinds of problems. If the power is on to the indoor blower and outdoor condenser and the filter is new, then call a heating repair service to get your heat pump back to normal. Here are three things that might be wrong.

1. The Reversing Valve Is Malfunctioning

A heat pump can work as an air conditioner and heat source due to the reversing valve. When you want to cool your house, cold air blows out the blower indoors and hot air is discharged from the condenser outside. When winter comes and you want heat indoors, the reversing valve causes the heat to blow out the indoor blower and cool air to blow out from the condenser.

If the valve malfunctions or goes bad, the heat pump can't heat your house. The heating repair service can test the valve, and if it's bad, they can put in a new one so your heat pump starts blowing warm air through your home again.

2. The Condenser Is Blocked Or Dirty

The part of your heat pump that rests on a pad or brace outside has to be clear of obstructions so the airflow isn't blocked. If leaves blow up against the unit in the fall, or if snow builds up against the unit in the winter, your heat pump may not be able to keep your house warm.

Check the condenser regularly, especially in snowy weather or when leaves fall heavily, so you can keep the area clear. If the unit is blocked long enough, damage might be caused to parts like the compressor, and then you'll need the help of a repair technician.

The coils inside the condenser can get blocked with dust, leaf debris, and dirt, too. When they're coated with dirt, the heat pump may not be able to heat your home. A repair technician can clean the coils when needed, and cleaning the coils should be a part of routine annual maintenance, too.

3. The Refrigerant Is Leaking

A heat pump is different from a central HVAC system in that the heat pump needs refrigerant during the winter, too. If refrigerant leaks out, a heat pump can't function as it's designed. A heating repair technician has to find the source of the leak so it can be repaired, and once that's done, the refrigerant can be filled.

Contact a heating repair service for more information.