Commercial AC Issues That Might Require Repair

Your commercial air conditioner plays a large role in creating a comfortable environment for your workplace during the summer. When something within the system breaks or no longer works as it should, this could cause your entire office, warehouse, or other business space to become very uncomfortable. Employees distracted by the heat might no longer be able to stay as focused on the job and that could end up costing you money. If you believe your commercial AC is currently on the fritz, here are some potential issues you might want to look into.

You Haven't Changed the Filters in a Long Time

If you've noticed additional dust accumulating on top of your equipment or desks throughout the office, it might be time to check in on your air filters. If your AC system is designed to cover a large building, you likely have more than one filter that needs to be replaced on a regular basis. Perhaps last time you made a swap you overlooked a filter or two, and now that it's clogged, too much dust and dirt are making it into the air that is circulating throughout your building. Failing to clean out or change your filters will also cost you money as it will make the entire system run less efficiently and stay on for longer.

That One Conference Room or Private Office Always Seems to Be Warmer Than the Rest of the Building

Do you have an employee complaining that their office space always seems warmer than that of their neighbor's? Maybe you've recently sweated through a meeting in a conference room and the increased temperature definitely seems like it can be attributed to something besides the body heat of a packed room? If there are one or two areas that always seem to not cool properly in relation to the rest of your office, you might have an air duct issue that needs to be looked at. A leak in the air ducts or a clogged duct will prevent air from circulating all the way through the building as it should.

You Have Air Coming Out But It's Not Cold

If it seems like the entire building is warmer than normal even though the system is clearly on and running, it might be time to check in on your outdoor units. Start by looking at the refrigerant levels. If you are running low, the AC won't have enough ammunition to cool the incoming air. Another potential problem could occur if the outdoor units are covered with dirt or debris and not capable of pulling in new air to cool.

Contact an AC repair service today if you need to get your commercial AC back up and running.