Signs Of An Overworking Furnace

An overworking furnace will tend to malfunction frequently and have a shorter lifetime than a furnace that is operating within its limits. That is why you need to diagnose the cause of the problem and fix our furnace if you suspect it is overworking. Below are some of the telltale signs of an overworking furnace that needs HVAC repair.

The Vents Are Closed

Some people believe that closing off the vents saves money because the furnace doesn't have to heat the whole house. However, closing the furnace vents is counterproductive because the furnace was designed in relation to the size of the house and the existing rooms. When you close off some vents, you force the furnace to heat your house with limited resources. The result is an overworked furnace.

The Air Filters Are Dirty

The air filters are meant to clean the air entering the furnace because debris in the furnace reduces heating efficiency. The air filters also ensure you have clean air to breathe. However, the filters get dirty over time, and the clogging restricts airflow through them. As such, your house won't have enough hot air to keep you warm and your furnace will struggle to maintain the temperature set on the thermostat. Your furnace will be forced to overwork by running long cycles. This will be the case if you haven't replaced the air filter in a long time.

The Furnace Runs All the Time

A furnace that runs all the time or has long heating cycles is clearly overworking. Normally, a furnace runs until the room reaches the set temperature. The furnace then enters the 'Off' cycle where it shuts off until the temperature starts to dip, and then the furnace starts heating again. However, if the furnace is finding it difficult to heat the room (for any reason), it will run longer cycles or fail to cycle off.

Leaky Aid Ducts

You will also overwork your furnace if the air ducts are leaking. Corrosion, cracks, and disconnections in the duct lines are some of the causes of air leaks in the ducts. The air leaks waste heated air that is meant to heat up your home, forcing the furnace to keep running in order to replenish the lost heat. This may be the case if your duct system is old and you have not inspected or repaired it in a long time.

Just because your furnace is still working, it doesn't mean that it is efficient. Consult a furnace technician for a solution if you notice the signs above.