AC Installation For The Summer Heat And More Efficient Options With Winter Installation Projects

If it can be avoided, you want to wait to replace your air conditioning unit until a time of year when you can live without the cooling it provides. Therefore, winter AC installation projects are ideal for these home improvements and allow you to plan them better. When installing a new AC unit, you want to consider some of the modern, more efficient options. The following guide will help you choose the best solutions for an energy-efficient winter AC installation project:

Replace Old AC Units with a Modern Heat Pump and Upgrade Ductwork

Today, air conditioning technology has improved, and there are more efficient options to replace old AC condensing units. To install a new AC unit in your home this winter, you can have an AC heat pump installed. While installing the new heat pump, talk with the AC installation contractor about upgrades to the ductwork and installing a new digital thermostat to maximize the efficiency of your home's cooling.

Retrofitting Your Historic Home with Modern HVAC Using Compact Duct Systems

In older and historic homes, adding modern mechanical systems often means that renovations and changes need to be made to accommodate these systems. Today, compact or high-velocity duct systems offer an option to give your home modern HVAC without making major changes to your home. If you are retrofitting your home with cooling for next summer, talk with the residential AC installer about options for compact duct systems.

More Efficient AC with Ductless Systems and a Lower Installation Cost for Your Budget

The ductless AC system option is one of the most cost-effective solutions for your home's cooling needs. Since these systems do not have ducts, there is no energy loss from the air being delivered to the HVAC vents. In addition, ductless systems can be installed in less time and cost less to install because there is no ductwork to install.

Geothermal and Renewable Energies That Help Make Your Home's HVAC More Efficient

One of the oldest energy efficient HVAC designs is the geothermal mechanical system. These systems are ideal to add efficient heating and cooling to your home using the energy that is stored beneath the surface of the soil. In addition to geothermal energy, there are other renewable energy solutions like solar panels that can be used to make your AC installation more efficient when it is completed.

Today, there are a lot more choices for energy-efficient AC installation, and hopefully, you have found what you want for your home. If you are ready to improve your home with a new cooling system, you can contact an AC installation service in your area like Worlock Air Conditioning and Heating and talk with them about some of these options.