Built A New Garage? Install A Heat Pump And Insulate Your Garage To Keep You Warm And Toasty

If you built a new garage and it currently has no heat you will not want to spend any time in it this winter. Fortunately, there are things you can do to warm up the garage, so you will enjoy it much more when it is cold outside. One way to do this is to install a heat pump and installation. Below is more information about this so you can get started.

Heat Pump

The heat pump runs by electricity and transfers heat from the pump into the garage. This works much like your HVAC unit. The heat pump uses the same type of refrigerant that is used for your HVAC unit.

The main downside to heat pumps is they will not heat as well when the temperature gets below zero. Because of this if you live in a region with temperatures like this a heat pump would not work well for you.

Heat Pump Installation

If you decide to install a heat pump, you should hire a professional HVAC contractor to install it for you. This is because it is much more difficult to install a heat pump when compared to something like an electric heater.

The heat pump is much smaller than an HVAC unit and is generally attached to the side of your home, close to your HVAC unit. It requires installing electrical wiring if there is no electricity available to provide power to the unit. The HVAC contractor may hire an electrician if extensive wiring must be installed.

Once the heat pump is installed, the HVAC contractor will run a line from the pump into your garage. This line carriers the refrigerant in and out of your garage.

Insulation Installed

To keep heat inside your garage you need to ensure you insulate it. Start out by insulating the attic. The easiest way to do this is to use blown insulation. This type is blown into the spaces using a special type of machine. This machine has a hose that directs the insulation where you need it to go.

Along with the attic you need to insulate the walls, as well as the garage door. If you have no experience, however, contact a professional to install the insulation for you. The HVAC contractor you hire may be able to do this.

Talk with your heating repair contractor to learn much more about how heat pumps work, as well as how the contractor will install it for your garage. The contractor will also give you other tips to keep your garage warm, such as insulating it.