Emergency Preparedness Tips For Home Heating

Imagine coming home in the middle of winter only to find that your heater or furnace is not working. With winters being as cold as they have been in recent times, the idea of spending even one night without heating is intolerable to many people. Unfortunately, this is a situation you may just find yourself in.

When your heating system fails unexpectedly, you have to figure out how you're going to make it until morning or until you can get someone to look at your system.

Have an Emergency Number

It's always good to have a number that you can call for any emergency. Whether it's a power outage or failure of your heating system, it is a good idea to have people that you can call to assist during such emergencies. If you don't have such numbers ready, you may have to rely on the work of people that you've not had enough time to vet. Do your research early to ensure you have a reliable heating services provider to call.

Have Extra Blankets Ready

Spending any amount of time in the cold is not a good idea. This can be particularly bad if you have very young children or senior persons living with you. You should have extra blankets ready in case the heat suddenly goes out. This will allow those inside the house to stay warm, especially if it takes a while for help to come.

Try and Expose Pipes to Keep Them from Freezing

The last thing you want after a heating emergency is for a plumbing emergency to follow. Without heating, your pipes can freeze and burst. This can cause a lot of damage to your property. If there are cabinet doors with pipes behind them, open these doors so the pipes can be temporarily kept warm by the heat from inside your house.

Have a Generator

One main reason why the heat may go out is a blackout. All it takes is for one driver to skid on some ice and knock down a pole and suddenly all homes that are heated by electric systems will be left in the cold for some time.

Having a backup generator in such a moment can be a lifesaver. You can have your heat back on in a few moments. This is why it's also a good idea to ensure your generator is properly fueled and maintained at all times.  Contact a company, like High Tech Heating & Air Conditioning Inc, for more help.