Changing Your Air Filter After A Dust Storm Is A Wise Choice

Dust storms in a desert are a common problem that can cause a variety of different damage types to your home. The worst type may be the issues it causes with your air filter. Thankfully, you can manage this issue by properly changing your air filter and getting sand and other contaminants out of it as much as possible.

Sand In An HVAC System Is A Problem

During a dust or sand storm, your HVAC system is going to be battered by a lot of dirty air. When this happens, there's a good chance that it will get sucked into your system and may cause minor damage. But while sand may work its way into your HVAC system during a dust storm, it will mostly be collected by the air filter.

This part of the air conditioner is designed to catch large particles and to keep them from damaging the interior of the machine. That said, even a single dust storm is likely to contaminate the air filter in a heavy way.

As a result, it is critical to take steps to manage this problem. The easiest way is to open up your HVAC air filter unit, remove the filter, and check it for sand. You may be able to wipe it off or run it under warm water to break it apart. However, replacing the filter may also be an option, though one that will cost you a little bit more money to do.

When Replacement Is Necessary

In most instances, you must replace the air conditioner filter if it suffers from problematic damage. While cleaning it off is likely to deal with a lot of the problem, there is still a chance that replacement is necessary. This process is usually a requirement if:

  • The sand damaged your filter
  • The holes in the filter have grown larger than a dime
  • Your unit struggles to operate smoothly
  • Warm air starts flowing through your unit
  • Moldy smells are common when running your HVAC system

All of these problems indicate that your air filter is either damage or incapable of filtering anything properly any more. In this scenario, you need to get an entirely new filter to replace it. Find one at a local hardware shop or order online, using the model number of your air conditioner to get the right filter. Slide it into the unit to keep it running as smoothly as possible.

So if you are worried about your HVAC system and want it to run as smoothly as possible, don't hesitate to change your air filter after a sandstorm. Even if you don't suffer from a sandstorm, it is a good idea to change or replace your air filter at least once a year to stay safe. Contact an ac service for more help.