Get Your Heating System In Top Shape

With winter fastly approaching, now is the time to get you one heating system in top working order. Of course, while most serious repairs to your heating system need to be done by HVAC professionals, there are few simple tasks that you can do. This article explains a few simple jobs that you can make sure your system is more efficient and pumping clean, fresh air this winter.

Furnace Maintenance

The first thing you want to do is make sure your furnace is ready for daily usage. Start by checking the furnace filter and replacing it if necessary. Furnace filters are very cheap and easy to replace. On top of this, you want to make sure your fuel levels are correct. The process for checking the levels depends on your exact model. Some pumps have a clearly marked reservoir, making it simple to check. If it looks okay, you can move onto the next step.

Now, you should check to see if your actual fuel pump is clean. The fuel pump, a small plastic box, is very important to the functionality of your system, and it is vulnerable to getting dusty. The pump has a motor which is cooled by the fan. So, the vents on the plastic casing around your pump can get clogged with dust. If this happens, you want to suck this dust out using a hose vacuum. This will ensure that your pump is being adequately cooled.

Duct and Registers Maintenance

Now that your furnace is ready to go, you should check your duct and register system. Some people invest in a duct cleaning service every single year. This definitely has a lot of benefits and is something you should consider if you can afford it. However, you can probably check and give your ducts a simple cleaning on your own. Most registers can be removed with just a handheld screwdriver. Cleaning the registers also very important. The space between the individual blades can get clogged with dust and dirt over time. This can be a major cause of allergens. If it looks like your ducts are especially dirty near the opening, this is probably a sign that your registers needed to be cleaned, or that they were left closed for too long. Often, dust settles in ducts, near closed registers. With clean registers and ducts as well, you can be confident that the air coming into your home is clean and allergy free.

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