Why Use Central Heating And Cooling For Your Home

Do you find yourself relying on portable heaters and window AC units for your home? Not only are these systems inefficient, but also they don't offer the comfort that other HVAC systems can. Here is why you should consider a central HVAC heating and cooling system for your home.

Programmable Thermostats

A major benefit of having a central heating and cool system will be how it can connect it to a digital thermostat that is programmable. This is just not possible with other systems that are either on or off, such as radiator heat. The thermostat also gives you the ability to schedule when the system should be on or off, which will help you save energy instead of perpetually running the system all the time so that your home is the proper temperature.

Minimal Noise

If you have ever had a window AC unit installed in your home, you may quickly realize that the unit can be a hindrance in your home for doing the most simple things because of the noise. This includes watching television or even having a conversation with another person. These units are loud and often cause a disturbance when they are on.

A central HVAC is quiet when it is running. The hot or cold air will flow through the vents, and there won't be a noticeable noise to tell you that the system is running. Long gone will be the days of having to decide between silence and a climate controlled home.


When compared to a window unit, you'll find that a central HVAC system will be much more efficient. Window units cause you to run the unit in one room, and then wait for the air to reach other rooms of your home. This is an inefficient way to cool down your home. The same can be said of space heaters, which use a ton of electricity and produce heat that is often unable to leave the room the heater is in.

For heating or cooling an entire home, a central HVAC system is designed to do it with maximum efficiency in mind. As air cycles through the system, it makes the entire house feel comfortable.


Think about how many times you have had to replace your heating or cooling solution, whether that has been a space heater or a window air conditioner. A furnace and air conditioner will last between 15 to 25 years. You'll definitely get your fair share of use out of it before it needs to be replaced.

You can speak to a local HVAC contractor, such as those found at Robinson Heating & Cooling Inc, about more benefits of central HVAC for your house.