How To Prepare Your Air Conditioner For Winter

As cold weather approaches, you want to get your air conditioner ready to be stored for winter. Whether you leave your unit where it sets or you place it in your garage or attic until the weather warms up again, there are things you need to do so you can have a ready appliance the next time you need it. Here are things you can do to prepare your ac for winter.

Drain and clean your unit

Your air conditioner cools the air for your comfort and pulls in a lot of moisture in the process. You will want to drain your unit for winter to prevent freezing any existing water within. Do this by gently tilting your appliance forward to release any moisture before storing it. You will also want to remove and clean all the filters in your air conditioner so it is ready for spring and summer.

Cover your air conditioner 

Whether you are planning on leaving your appliance in the window or you are going to place it storage, you need to have it properly covered. Wrap your air conditioner in a tarp to prevent rodents, debris, and moisture from getting inside it. If you don't have a tarp, painters' plastic or a large garbage bag can also work to protect your appliance.

Make repairs as needed

Make sure your air conditioner is in good working condition at the end of the season so you don't run into problems when you go to start it up again next year. If your air conditioner has been experiencing poor air circulation or output or has other issues, you need to have them repaired as soon as you can. If your air conditioner doesn't need to have any repairs made on it, then have your unit inspected and fine-tuned so it is season-ready even as you are putting it away.

Store cords and window accessories

Your unit may have come with detachable cords or window fittings. Store these items separately from your unit so they don't accidentally become broken. Place them in a large bag that you can keep near your air conditioner so you have all the parts you need when the next bout of warm weather arrives.

Keeping your air conditioner properly stored and cared-for all year long can help ensure reliable cooling when you need it most. Always prepare your unit for winter storage so you can keep it in better condition, longer.