Boiler Maintenance Tips

You depend on your boiler to heat your home's water and to heat your home, which means that it is vital that the boiler stays in good working order. This means you need to get in the habit of doing regular maintenance to ensure the unit is running correctly. Most of these maintenance tips only needs to be acted on every month or two, unless otherwise noted.

Tip #1: Clean the boiler room

The fans running in the boiler tend to attract dust, which can clog important components in the system. How quickly dust accumulates depends on many factors, such as how dry and dusty your climate is or whether you own pets that shed. Take the time to enter the boiler room with a vacuum so you can suck up all the excess dust. Use the hose attachment to get into the corners and inside the nooks and crannies around the boiler.

Tip #2: Check the water level

Boilers must maintain the proper water level to run correctly. If the boiler is allowed to run dry, it will burn out, and you will need to get a new one. The reasons for a low water level include plumbing leaks, clogged plumbing pipes, or mineral scale blocking inlet valves. Leaks and pipe clogs will require a professional repair, while descaling is a task you can do on your own.

Tip #3: Descale the boiler

This only needs done once or twice a year, such as in spring and fall. If your boiler only supplies heat for your furnace and isn't your hot-water heater, you can do this task only in the spring. Descaling requires turning off the boiler and draining it via the drain valve. A descaling wash is then poured into the boiler to break down the mineral scale. Finally, hot water is flushed through the system and out the drain valve until the wash is removed completely, and then the boiler is hooked back into the water supply and turned back on. You can have this done professionally, if desired.

Tip #4: Schedule annual check-ups

An annual check-up performed either in the spring after the heating season or in the fall right before it begins ensures that your unit doesn't have any impending problems. The technician will check that the motor, fans, and heating elements are operating properly. They will also lubricate any moving parts and check for possible leaks or other issues. Contact a boiler technician, such as one from Rickett Industrial Environmental Systems, in your area to schedule your annual check-up.