4 Reasons To Have A Whole-House Humidifier Installed

If your home is very dry during the winter, you may have considered buying a portable humidifier, or you may already have one. There are definitive advantages to getting a whole-house humidifier installed on your furnace instead. 

More Even Humidity

A portable humidifier emits mist that's suitable for a relatively small amount of square footage, whereas the whole-house model sends moist air through the ducts into each room. People can then get the benefits of optimum humidity throughout the house. They're less likely to develop dry skin and dry noses, and they don't get shocks from static electricity.

Parents often like to run a mister in the rooms of children who have a cold or the flu that has caused a stuffy nose. Dry air worsens congestion. But what if more than one room needs a mister? The whole-house version solves the problem of needing multiple misting devices to help sick youngsters feel better. 

More Control Over Humidity Levels

Even if you buy a few portable humidifiers and set them up in different parts of the house, it's difficult to keep humidity at optimum levels. You can set portable models to cycle on and off, but you'll need to keep an eye on a hygrometer to know whether the room is at a good humidity level. The amount of vapor needed will change depending on how much your furnace is running and drying out the air. 

In contrast, your thermostat automatically controls the amount of vapor released by a whole-house version. You set the humidity level you want. The whole-house model also keeps running when you're not home. However, you shouldn't leave a portable device running when you're gone for several hours.

Less Hassle

Portable humidifiers require adding water on a routine basis -- sometimes more than once a day. You have to remove the water container and refill it, which typically must be done with a sink hose or a bathtub faucet because of the container's size. Then you have to lug the heavy container back to the machine. 

Manufacturers recommend cleaning the portable models regularly to eliminate minerals from hard water and any bacteria left behind.

Portable models also have filters that must be replaced after a certain amount of disintegration and discoloration occurs. The filters essentially crumble along the bottom, which is messy to deal with. But with a whole-house version, you won't have to hassle with any of this daily maintenance.

What You Can Do Now

If these factors would be beneficial for your personal situation, call heating and cooling services, such as Blue Ridge Services, for options on equipment and quotes for installation. All the household residents will enjoy the advantages of a whole-house humidifier.